Readers, I am receiving word that the Human Nextwork game development company has just made a shocking announcement. The servers for their games, including the widely-popular Amity Arena, will be closed off forever, because nothing really matters and is anything even real?

“Just this once, in light of the attack on the city,” quaked Skyla Bleu, staring at the gargantuan whale-like Grimm outside, “we’ll have to ignore the enjoyment of our customers and shut down servers for however long.”

Soon after, we’ve heard reports that a Teryx seemingly blundered its flight and crashed onto the offices. Nevertheless, we’re not here to talk about boring neeeeews. My role is to simply share the history of the contents of this mindless, blood-lusted world, entertain you all, and maybe provide an innocent insight or two that may challenge an opinion!

Having risen in popularity these past few years, Human Nextwork has notably been invited to participate in the 40th Vytal Festival and many more festivals to come. Taking inspiration from journalists like myself, their developers set out to interview notable Huntsmen throughout the world to play a role in their games. In doing so, their development labs were home to a few willing people who’d offer their likenesses to be modeled in 3D animation for their merchandise.

Some personal favorites from Atlas include the famous miss Winter Schnee or even our General himself! Though, that’s not to mention how each kingdom and culture is represented too! Headmistress Glynda Goodwitch has offered to share her likeness, as did many students from each major Academy.

Now, I would also like to note that some…well, admittedly questionable figures were included into the game. Serial killers or terrorists such as the late Tyrian Callows or Adam Taurus may turn some kids away from playing their games… Controversy also arose when fans accused Human Nextwork of profiting from likenesses of the deceased, including the heroic Argus student that sacrificed her life – Pyrrha Nikos. Not to mention the fact that the game is shutting down and some of us STILL can’t get the characters we want, but at that point I’m getting ahead of myself.  

Notably, one of the key testers for their latest release was also once a member of the Atlas military’s science division! Doctor Vanille Miden, who aided the late Arthur Watts in the creation of the Atlesian Paladins, helps the game by making sure that every nation feels well balanced and no one character from any specific kingdom misses a beat and throws everything off. 

That being said, I am an aficionado of Human Nextwork’s products myself, having once been invited to participate during the beta test of Amity Arena. The game was partially developed in Argus, and as such the directors had a real flair for dramatic miscommunications with the various PR teams to spice things up. They also hid small teasers in the form “glitches” in the game to keep us on our toes. Oh, it was a wonderful experience, and those of us left play-testing invariably felt a sense of pride and accomplishment at having truly been a part of something we could not forget. Something that would leave us gazing into the ceiling in the middle of the night, staring blankly into the nothing – pale, frustrated, and trembling.

And now… One final tip. Turn on your radios this afternoon to get a sneak peek into a new song that’s rising in popularity here in Atlas: Wait Wait Don’t. No Don’t. Please Don’t. AHHH!

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By Joseph Galvan

Joseph Galvan is a journalist, staff reporter, and part-time announcer with a smooth, butter-like voice at Vytal News. Outside the office, Joseph enjoys additional writing time in a different genre: mystery and intrigue.

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A concerned citizen
A concerned citizen
3 years ago

I can’t believe the news is worrying about fluff like this when a GIGANTIC, GRIMM-SPEWING WHALE is RIGHT ON OUR DOORSTEP!


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