About Us

Vytal News (stylized as vytal_news) is an independent news organization, based in Atlas with unbiased opinions and a fun attitude. We employ numerous journalists across Remnant, and with the power of airships (and a handy semblance or two), we bring you breaking news from all over the moment they happen.

Due to a generous donation from Atlas General James Ironwood, vytal_news can now bring you independent and unbiased news ad-free straight to your scrolls!

If you want to keep up-to-date with all the latest news in Remnant, be sure to follow vytal_news on Twitter and Reddit.

Any and all opinions of our writers are only of their own and do no accurately represent the opinion and beliefs of vytal_news as a whole. vytal_news is not officially affiliated with General James Ironwood. Employees are not permitted to use company aircraft or use personal semblances during work hours for personal reasons, including contacting loved ones.

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