Shade Academy, Vacuo.

A new pathogen found in multiple young humans and Faunus has been linked to a barely-documented disease known as ‘Semblance Amnesia.’ There are dozens of new cases of this illness popping up every day, and while it is non-lethal and, as far as we know, non-contagious, it is my duty as a Huntress to spread awareness, lest we let this disease ruin more and more young lives.

‘Semblance Amnesia’ may occur randomly in any young individual with an unlocked semblance, but is more likely in those who have powerful, multi-faceted or often used semblances. Its symptoms include forgetting you have a semblance, forgetting a specific useful way or combination in using your semblance and, in some rare cases, forgetting to turn your semblance off. I spoke to several students in Shade Academy – the place where ‘Semblance Amnesia’ is most common – about this problem.

“Yeah, I remember this sort of stuff back from Beacon,” said Coco Adel, former Beacon student, Vytal Tournament participant and an absolute joy to look at. “One of the first-years was complaining how her sister forgot she had a semblance for almost a year. She got better now, as far as I’ve heard, and uses it plenty. Her other teammate though, she’s had permanent damage. She could use her glyphs to speed people up, but she forgot she could do that… How can you forget you control time?” said Coco, in her usual cool but ever so hot attitude. “We met a senior huntsman with actual memory problems and he used to turn on his semblance and forget about it. I wonder if that’s connected…”

I talked with another Shade student, and apparent hero of Shade Academy, Sun Wukong. After he was done aggressively explaining to me that he did the same screen hijacking thing that hacker girl did but only to Vacuo citizens and that it was a ‘way cooler speech’, he explained an instance of ‘Semblance Amnesia’ he encountered. “So my teammate Sage, you know, the big guy, he’s cool and all… we’re cool as well, like between us, it’s cool now… So he basically forgot he had a semblance and now none of us know what it is! It’s so weird, like, how can you forget you have a semblance? I know Neptune’s got a thing where he won’t use his semblance, but I get it, man. At least he didn’t forget he had one!”

Finally we spoke with local rude person Fox Alistair about ‘Semblance Amnesia’. “Semblance Amnesia?! Are you kidding me?” Fox then chuckled for a good minute. “Go ahead, go to Yatsuhashi and see some ‘Semblance Amnesia’ for yourself, ha!” He then rudely left the conversation, still giggling to himself.

I don’t know what this ‘Yatsuhashi’ is, but I don’t want to find out.

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By Bianca Aurumvale

Bianca is a huntress, having graduated Atlas Academy as the highest-graded Faunus in the Academy's history. Although a shoe-in for Special Operatives, Bianca chose the life of independent journalism. Check out her herbal tea collection!

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White Tower
White Tower
3 years ago

Sounds like a performance issue. Maybe they should see a doctor about it.

1 year ago

…I’d warn Hei Xiong that blonde kid seems to have her groove back, but last time anyone checked the club I think an Ursa was on door duty. Can you seriously train those things?