Hello dear readers – intern Ash here, wishing you a great St. Broccoli’s day!

On this holiday Remnant commemorates the great huntsman Broccoli, for his achievements both as a huntsman and as a farmer that fed the poor. Although the real name of this kind soul was never known, St. Broccoli, who grew up in Vale’s island of Patch, is beloved for his generosity, kind spirit and deadly prowess with his spear-mace combo. Unfortunately for the saint’s beneficiaries, he only fed them disgusting broccoli, but hey – his heart was in the right place.

Hope everyone remembered to put on something green on their attire, as it is tradition to give a jab to the shoulder to anyone that is not in green. Just like the great huntsman Broccoli did to anyone who refused to eat his provided harvest. For legal reasons, I was told to mention that you should only jab people with your hand or elbow, and not with your spear, like St. Broccoli.

Thankfully, you can dress up in green in any way, even minor details will do. I put on a green version of my emblem today, while Nicolle added a green hairpin, complaining that those born with green hair don’t have to do anything on St. Broccoli’s day. Alternatively you can go all out like our teammate Gray – dressing full in green and dying her hair green. Even her weapons and gear were given a quick paint job. Personally, I think it’s great that she’s finding the positives after falling into a vat of green food coloring.

Team leader Bailey was probably the most creative of us – she added a lot of green Dust to her weapon and carried it around. Sadly, during training we learned that she messed up and added wind Dust instead of plant Dust – a common mistake. Bailey blew away everything that wasn’t attached to the students, including their green hats. That was enough of an excuse for our headmaster Theodore to tackle them to the ground on this day of celebration.

Finally, don’t forget that if you’re of legal age, it’s customary to eat as much broccoli as you can and wash it all down with plenty of beer. I always believed this was just an excuse that adults gave to not suffer eating broccoli like theirs kids have to… Oh, and if you don’t have any broccoli on yourself, you can try growing some with plant Dust. But remember – don’t eat the crystals!

And how are you celebrating this cherished green holiday? With the whale being gone, I imagine even Atlas has some time to spare for a round beer and broccoli!

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By Ash Magnolia

Huntress-in-training, working part-time for vytal_news. Shows a lot passion for journalism, but is still chasing her dream to become a huntress. She's more of a dog person.

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