Atlas, Kingdom of Atlas.

Underground fashion icon and huntress Yang Xiao Long (better known as YANG) has just unveiled her most exciting work yet – a replica of her famous aviator jacket. Immediately after the reveal the jacket went on sale – and was sold out in minutes. This has drawn the ire of many purchasers who would have gladly paid the Lien for such an exclusive item.

We talked with YANG about the reception that the replicas of her widely-loved jacket received. “Oh yeah, it’s been great! I’m glad that people loved it and the reveal itself was great! Did you know people already made memes of me?” YANG then proceeded to show the interviewer pictures of herself laughing, dressed in the jacket and aviator glasses with some text on top. “Kinda bummed not everyone got the chance to snag one of these babies, but my fans should eagerly await what comes next.”

We spoke with a lucky fan, who managed to snag this in-demand item for himself. “I’m a big supporter of YANG and her line, loved everything she had released. Last time she did promise everyone that she will be announcing when we can buy her newest product in advance, but I suppose she forgot. That’s alright, still managed to get this kickass aviator jacket for myself!” told us Larry Mon Chiffon, proudly displaying the jacket on his back. When asked why he decided he needed an aviator jacket specifically, Larry Mon Chiffon explained: “I haven’t flown a plane before. Honestly, I don’t spend much time defying gravity at all. Still, it’s an aviator jacket, right? Maybe it protects me from pilots?” he asked himself, confused. “Still, I’m really glad I got it, even though it was a pain to ship it to Vacuo. Speaking of pain, does anyone feel that…?” The interview was cut short as Larry Mon Chiffon appeared to faint from a heat stroke.

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By Jackson Leight

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