My dorm room, Haven.

Today’s world is full of inequality – Faunus are still treated terribly in at least half of Remnant, the wage gap is ever increasing due to lobbyists like Jacques Schnee and the entire Atlas – Mantle situation is awful, even without the approaching dark cloud with teeth. There is one more type of inequality that we, as a society, can at least attempt to stop – semblance elitism.

I got lucky, okay? My mom’s semblance Loudspeaker allows her to shout louder than anyone in the city (handy in domestic arguments!) My dad’s Wavelength lets him see and modify airwaves, including those of CCT towers (handy when trying to get free cable, not so much in domestic arguments if you don’t want to sleep on the couch.) It just so happens that my parents’ semblances mixed, so I can send my thoughts loud and clear to people I know anywhere on Remnant. I have a fantastic semblance. But most people aren’t so lucky. Most people’s semblances suck.

My dorm roommate Lowe has the ability to melt ice cubes with thought. They have to be in pretty good cube shape to be melted this way, which means his semblance stops working about half-way through the process. Lowe said he could have tried training his semblance but he saw no reason to – what could he improve on, anyway? Learning to melt ice balls instead of cubes?

And Lowe’s not the only one who’s sad because of this. I know plenty of people who lament their lame semblances – instead of super-speed (save on transport), telekinesis (don’t need to stand up to pick up your scroll) or illusions (handy to keep the change on your Lien), they get the ability to smell colors, squirt droplets of water from their fingertips or ignite their sweat. All incredibly useless semblances in most day-to-day operations.

Even seemingly useful semblances, like increasing the sharpness of your bladed weapons for a swing lose a lot of meaning if you’re not a huntsman. Don’t believe me? Ask the owner of this semblance, Hunter Fern. He’s my mathematics professor. He hasn’t used his semblance since he was twelve. Another example would be the huntress known as ‘Nora’ in the Vytal tournament. The ability to not die when being struck by lightning seems real useful. I just don’t really think most of us will ever get struck by lightning, so outside of combat that’s a pretty useless semblance. And I haven’t even talked about those who don’t even have their semblance unlocked… Living in vain hope, wishing that one day they will realize they’ve been harboring an incredible power within. More likely they’ve been living with the ability to change the color of asparagus if they concentrate hard enough.

I propose a solution. No person should ever be hired or denied a job solely because of their semblance. Schools should enact strict no-semblance policies. Showing off your powers in public should be illegal! This way humanity will stop relying on their flimsy superpowers so much. Instead of genetic talents, hard work and persistence will finally be recognized. Stop using your semblance! Let humans and Faunus alike end the discrimination against those with weak or no semblances! Join me!

My newest motivational book, ‘You are a Hero: How to Stop Doubting Your Semblance and Start Living an Awesome Life’ has been finally released by Vale’s Pecan Publishing. Please give it a read if you enjoy my editorial pieces. -K. Blanche.

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By Kerry Blanche

Kerry is a Beacon survivor and all-around fun guy. Kerry loves history, but can also appreciate what he has right now - an extraordinary leader in James Ironwood. Kerry isn't afraid to ask the hard-hitting questions and dig deep to find the REAL truth.

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3 years ago

I guess this kid will never learn he has the power to acclerate the atoms around him only ever finding out he can melt ice because he never gave a fuck to further the possibilitys of his/her semblance, and then he was too scared thinking the public would shun him for using his power.

You gotta be a real asshole to think the only way nora will be electrified is through lightning. If I run my socks on a carpet and touch her shes gonna obliterate the next thing she touches. The third picture shown of gavin frees’s character (I really dont remember his name) dosent even have a semblance so why the fuck is his picture here? To show you dont need some fancy power to be a top level huntsmen in a tourny?

Your literally viewing these semblances in the worst way possible, and then go on about how people with a good semblabce shouldnt have an advantage? Kinda how the world fucking works. You dont see 5’6 basketball players do we??

Like this is such a contradiction.
“Even seemingly useful semblances, like increasing the sharpness of your bladed weapons for a swing lose a lot of meaning if you’re not a huntsman.”
“I propose a solution. No person should ever be hired or denied a job solely because of their semblance.”

So this man who would do tremendous amounts of work as a blacksmith is no longer allowed to help the war cause? Also his really useful semblance is now worthless because you wont let him be a blacksmith now, and even if he becomes one hes no longer allowed to use his semblance making him a less effective worker.
Yeah your right, we are all equals now that we have surpressed the freedom of others.

Makes sense.