Many were excited for it, but few would realize how it would end. The long-awaited V8 was finally revealed and it got fans confused, sad or even outraged, especially when concerning its massive spoiler.

The Argus-based automotive manufacturer Dusty unveiled it’s newest model, the Dusty Caramella – the company’s first car intended for public commercial use, that comes with the powerful V8 engine. The new car’s release was filled with excitement in the industry, as it was supposed to be a model that more enthusiasts could afford, letting them take the fabled V8 engine for a ride themselves. Unfortunately for Dusty, it seems the Caramella has sparked far more outrage than anticipated.

“I found it suspicious that they revealed their new car by showing only the silhouette of it with a massive spoiler. Then we got to see its top speed, acceleration, mileage per pound of Dust, and then some. Pretty much all of the specs,” said car mechanic and enthusiast Bready Atkins. “Then instead of unveiling how the car actually looks, they introduced us to the designer of the car, his family, and even a short documentary about him. After about thirty minutes we finally got to see the front… And it’s a bloody pickup truck! Why would they ever put such a massive spoiler reveal at the beginning of the video?!” Bready then took off one of his work gloves and violently threw it onto the muddy ground. “We waited all this time and we saw a brothers-damned spoiler in the first ten seconds, while they hid the fact that it’s a truck that never needed to have a spoiler!” Mr. Atkins then began to sob, slowly picked up his glove from the ground and put it back on, because he “needed to go back to work.”

It wasn’t only the spoiler that dissuaded people from trying out the new Caramella – the mere fact that it’s a pickup truck has angered many – even those not generally interested in new cars. Celeria Winslow, an environment activist and founder of the Dust Usage Reduction Movement, condemned the car manufacturer Dusty in a social media post. “I can’t believe Dusty had the GALL to release a pickup truck – when Atlas has literally fallen and THE ENTIRE REMNANT is now short on Dust. Absolutely brilliant! What’s next, they want to build a new Dust factory here?! Ridiculous! Not to mention that the big draw of their video, the massive spoiler, isn’t even aerodynamic – it makes your rides WORSE!”

We contacted Dusty for comment and got a written response. Their representative claims that “due to public feedback, the unveiling of a brand new car factory in Argus will be delayed indefinitely.” To our question of why did they add a giant spoiler to their pickup truck, they wrote: “We believed it would attract more attention to our unveiling video.”

Regardless of your opinion on the new Dusty Caramella, one fact is clear – they did get a lot of extra attention just by adding a spoiler to the back of the V8.

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By Jackson Leight

Jackson is a weapons aficionado, kraft brew lover and the chief editor here at vytal_news. He has an undergraduate degree in Politology, but he doesn't let that stop him from exploding Dust in his backyard.

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